Hail bus drivers

Saturday, September 22, 2012
7:00 AM

In response to your article “Councillor confirms new bus shelter”, I am referring to the comment made by Councillor Channon – “Bus drivers do an extremely good job but you do get awkward ones; one deliberately left someone stranded just because they did not stick their hand out.”

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I am a bus driver. I have worked in the Exmouth depot for Stagecoach for over 15 years. Can I respond by saying no bus driver deliberately leaves a customer behind provided they have followed the correct procedure of hailing a bus.

All bus stops except The Strand and Parade in the Exmouth area are hail-and-ride. All we ask of customers is that they are standing at the appropriate bus stop, giving clear indication they want you to stop. Do not assume just because you are standing or sitting at a bus stop that we will stop. It’s that simple!

May I also state, it’s all well and good putting up new shelters for bus stops, but these shelters are usually never cleaned. They are used as eating, drinking, smoking and toilet facilities by many non-bus passengers.

The state of most bus shelters in and around the Exmouth area are disgusting and are a compete eyesore. Who’s responsible for their maintenance?

As a bus driver, and speaking for all other bus drivers, we do our best, having to deal with tight timetables, inconsiderate motorists and obstacles which hold the bus up and, sometimes, rude, arrogant passengers who blame us for turning up late.

We don’t deliberately turn up late; it is usually because of traffic or breakdowns.

Thank you.

Tony Shepherd

Barn Lane, Budleigh Salterton


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